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Our bootcamps are fun, challenging and motivating classes either held indoors in small groups or at scheduled times in and around Swanage.


Our bootcamp program is specifically designed to burn fat and tone muscles while you workout, and then give you the “after burn” effect so you keep burning more fat when you leave the bootcamp


You will get fit, healthy and strong – FAST...





  • Lose weight and tone up.

  • Gain strength and endurance.

  • Motivation, accountability and fun!

  • Small group indoor training.

  • Scheduled larger group events.

  • Corporate plans available to help your whole team get fit.

April to October - Outside

November to March - Inside

Visit our Facebook Page to check the latest schedule






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We are ready to help you through the next stage of your fitness journey. As well as our core services, we can offer bespoke training plans, so if you're not sure is Joe's Gym is right for you, just send us a message and we will be happy to offer some advice.


Get in touch today, and change tomorrow.






Call 07736 224 978 (Joe)

or 07966 215 228 (Sarah)

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