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Personal training allows clients to reach fitness goals more quickly than going it alone.


Feedback and instruction ensures proper technique. This increases workload on muscles and reduces the risk of injury.


Joe and Sarah motivate clients to push themselves beyond their normal comfort zones, increasing ability, self-esteem and giving clients the confidence to set new boundaries when exercising on their own.





  • Fat-loss.

  • Toning.

  • Body Shaping and Bodybuilding.

  • Sports specific strength & conditioning for football, rugby, wrestling, netball & tennis.

  • Marathon, ultra-distance, triathlon and multi-day event preparation.

  • Stress and anxiety management.

  • Cardiovascular rehab.

  • Injury and illness rehab.

  • Pre-pregnancy and fertility treatment health and fitness preparation.

  • Diabetes management.

Joe and Sarah educate and support their clients through the tough challenges that require patience, commitment and a positive attitude towards exercise.




We are ready to help you through the next stage of your fitness journey. As well as our core services, we can offer bespoke training plans, so if you're not sure is Joe's Gym is right for you, just send us a message and we will be happy to offer some advice.


Get in touch today, and change tomorrow.






Call 07736 224 978 (Joe)

or 07966 215 228 (Sarah)

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